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To mix? or Not?

To mix? or Not?


I feel that vitamins, minerals, herbs, diet, exercise, and mental and emotional attitudes are all part of a holistic healing program and cannot be separated. If you were building a brick house, you might want a forklift or bulldozer to help you lift the bricks into place. In building this foundation we can liken the bricks to minerals as they are the building blocks of the body. Vitamins are similar to the gasoline used to run the bulldozer (vitamins mostly work as co-enzymes to activate enzymes) and the bulldozer itself is like the body’s enzymes, which catalyze actions in the body. Now, we could build a house with these few substances, but a simple house it would be! If we were then to add herbs (which also contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other substances) to our own building program, it would be similar to adding a new environmentally conscious technology such as wind or solar power to the house. Now we have a more efficient house that functions with respect for nature! Because of the cleansing nature of herbs we are even left with some workers to clean and tidy up the mess after the building is complete.

Many would say at this point, "If herbs are so good, why not use them alone." Herbs, like vitamins and minerals, may be used alone. The best and fastest results, however, are obtained when all of the raw materials for the construction are already in the form required for that construction. By using all three together you have all the parts present right at the start of the building, without having to spend time and energy recycling used parts to get the other raw materials needed. This is especially important because some of those ‘used parts’, which were recycled are used later in the building process in their original form!

So, not only should we combine vitamins, minerals and herbs, we should be careful to include exercise, diet, and mental/emotional attitudes in our building process.